Aim & Scope

Aim of publishing the Journal Israiliyat is to provide critical and scientific platform to promote research discussion on all aspects of Israel and Judaism in academia- both in Turkey and abroad, mainly by using Turkish and English sources along with Arabic and Hebrew sources.

in Turkey, the region and the world while there is a growing interest to understand Israel-Judaism related subject information deficiency problem in this field in Turkey is still relevant today. Israiliyat believe that the gathering and disseminating of academic discussions in this subject by critical way are crucial to achieving better rational and solution oriented outcomes for Israel and Judaism.

Israiliyat aims to give as much scientific information as possible about Judaism as having one of the oldest holy books in the world and Israel as being one of the newest states in the Middle East.

İsrailyat believe that Jewish and non-Jewish Academic communities in the West and Israel establishing the scientific centers and programs should be closely monitored. Not only Muslim scholarship but also Jewish or non-Muslim scholarship on Israel and Judaism must be critically and reflectively evaluated.

Israiliyat actively encourages the work of younger scholars along with senior scholars to advance knowledge concerning all aspects of Jewish studies from Biblical Times to the present day.

Israiliyat, being published from 2017, aims to become a reference source for researchers interested in Israeli and Judaic studies by being national international indexed journal having a high impact factor.

Israeli and Judaic studies have moved beyond its multi-disciplinary approach, which composed of traditional discipline-based and subject-based approach to contemporary interdisciplinary approach in the academic world. However Israeli and Judaic studies as an area or religious/ cultural studies in Turkey are very new and have drawn upon discipline-based approaches and methodologies especially in such study as politics, history and religion. Due to this reason, the journal gives great importance to publishing articles in such traditional disciplines and aims the newly interdisciplinary approaches become prevalent in research.

         Having adopted international and interdisciplinary approach with the target of assembling the scholarly works on Judaism and Israel in Turkey, Israiliyat organizes the annually scholarly International Conferences on Israel and Judaism Studies (ICIJS- IPA aɪsidʒɪz/) , being the only periodic platform on Israel and Judaism studies in Turkey, it aims to create a constructive forum and discussion platform during which both native and foreign researchers from various disciplines would gather and exchange ideas.

The mission of I Israiliyatis to provide a platform for academics, students, and researchers from Turkey and all over the world to present their well-balanced, objective, and bias-free sharing of academic research research results in the field of Israel and Judaism studies.

organized Israiliyat gives awards to distinguished thesis / book / article in the categories of history, politics and religion in in the field of "Israel and Judaism studies" at the organized conferences to encourage academic studies in the field, by the selection of the evaluation committee including experts from the field.

Israeli and Jewish studies(madaʻe/limudei/mehaker yisrael, madae/limudey ha-yahadut)  are accepted as a separate field of study and academic unit, despite many overlaps or being an integral part of each other, such as two sides of the same coin. According to the context, Israel or Israeli studies and Judaism or Jewish/Judaic studies can also be used as concepts. The Israeli and Jewish concepts, which are nominalized adjectives, have broader content. While Jewish/Judaism studies are similar to Islamic/Islam or Christian/Christine studies, Israeli/Israel studies are like a counterbalance/counterweight to field of the Palestinian/Palestine studies.

the traditional fields of Jewish studies includes such as Jewish theology, history, and languages as well as the issues regarding with modern field of Israeli studies such as politics, international relations, contemporary history, sociology etc, and vice versa.

“Israiliyat: Journal of Israeli and Judaic Studies” publishes research articles by adopting and promoting a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches from traditional studies in religion, history, politics, international relations philosophy, economics, literature, sociology, and law etc. to contemporary studies in security, conflict management, media, women, human rights, holocaust, area/region etc.

traditional studying methods of Israiliyat which is body of Jewish lore that penetrated several genres of early Muslim texts

started to transform to new/ modern Israiliyat, of the Israelites, (Isra’iliyyat Israelitica,Israelica, Israelology) which has similar subject with Judaica, Hebraica, Semitica, and Mosaica studies. Although the term Neo-Israiliyat maintains identical characteristics with its predecessor to some extent, both new content and perspective is required to understand modern Israel and Judaic related subjects. While most early scholars viewed this tradition essentially from religious perspective, but now to understand modern Israiliyat, it is required to use different discipline of social sciences such as political, economic, social, cultural and security studies, etc. in addition to its religious studies. The study of New Israiliyat may help to close the knowledge gap regarding modern Israeli and Judaic studies in Turkey and Islamic world. During searching for exploring the unique truth which is related the relation of truth- reality, instead of using normative, subjectivist, totalizing, polemic, refutative, exclusive and opposite binaries, it is important to use the objective, rational, realistic, scientific, and positivist approaches to comprehend all aspects of the Jewish and Israeli scholarship.


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